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Enhance your customer experience with the groundbreaking intelligent Voicebot! 

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No code Voicebot built on smart artificial intelligence!

Make your business smarter by releasing resources, reducing manual tasks, and ensuring a better customer experience with personal guidance and 24-hour service.

With a Voicebot from a robot answers the phone when your customers call. The call is verbally answered immediately, eliminating frustrating telephone queues. The Voicebot is the fundament for our sister company, intelligent AI telephony that creates value for companies of all sizes. Read more about how you can create more value with smarter telephony at

InDialog’s Chatbot is ready to respond to your customers’ inquiries – 24/7/365. The Chatbot can quickly be implemented on your website as a regular chat box. What’s not regular, however, is the dynamic language recognition, instant response time, high level of service, and unique customer experience that the Chatbot provides, while also freeing resources for your business.

The SMSbot is a strong compliment to our other two solutions but can also be used independently. The SMSbot has the same single features as the chatbot, but can also be combined with our other solutions, where it can send the customer relevant SMS messages after the chat or phone call. The combination provides your customers with a unique service that is superior to most.

Just 2 months after Egedal Kommune (municipality) had integrated InDialog’s Voicebot, the number of inquiries handled by an employee from citizen service was reduced by 40%. What would it mean for your business if your employees had to handle 40% fewer customer inquiries?

The Voicebot can easily be tailored to handle a ray of ​​different tasks. Everything from bookings, answering questions or sorting calls. Our Voicebot will always be able to assist and relieve your customer service department.

Customer service around the clock. Goodbye to long phone queues. Infinitely scalable. Enormous resource savings. A less stressed-out organization. Constantly learns, never forgets. A solution with great flexibility. Understands dialects and blurred speech.

InDialog’s Chatbot can always answer more than 90% of the company’s customer inquiries? And the Chatbots learns from every question that it cannot answer, to make sure that it never makes the same mistake twice.

At, we specialize in tailoring our intelligent solutions to your specific needs. So, our technologies are perfect for all service-oriented companies who want to build a good customer service without spending too many resources.

Groundbreakingly easy to implement. User-friendly design. Helps customers navigate the website. Quick response time. More data on your customer inquiries. A greater customer experience.

When your customers receive a text message after an ended conversation with one of our other bots, the customer can continue the given conversation in the same text message thread. Just like if they were writing with a human being.

The SMSbot is especially useful for those of you who need to send documents to the customers you are talking to. It can be anything from a booking confirmation to a service report, but it can also be a link that your customer needs in order to upload relevant information themselves.

Extended service opportunities. User-friendly design. Smooth customer experience. Automated all-around customer management.


How many resources do you spend per year sorting and journaling emails? The Mailbot lets you pass the task on to an intelligent robot. The robot uses artificial intelligence to instantly decode incoming emails, forward them to the right recipient and fil the correspondence based on your set requirements. The Mailbot is so efficient that you do not notice its existence – only the additional time you now have for other tasks.

AI Contact Center

The combination of our Voicebot (Phonebot) and AI Contact Center is the ultimate  solution for an intelligent phone system. The AI recommends the relevant employee to whom the call can be forwarded. You will also obtain much more qualitative data on your calls than with the old-fashioned Contact Centers. Our system can be connected to your current Contact Center solutions without integration – such as Mitel, Cisco or Avaya, etc.


AI development

Your company’s processes and needs are unique. Therefore, you must not adapt to a system’s standard solution. The system must be adapted to you. We are experts in agile development of tailored AI solutions for your company.

Click here to read more about our work with AI development.

InDialog has a user-friendly interface and features:


Not everybody speaks 20 languages. InDialog does. Write to our chatbot and ask what languages it speaks!

Great understanding

All of our bots can understand messages with spelling or speech errors. This helps to ensure our high, succesful response rate.


InDialog’s bots collect a lot of data about your customers, so you can learn more about their desires, problems and needs.


InDialog is integrated with 3000+ systems such as Facebook, and can also be integrated with your own systems and voicemail.

No code solutions

It does not require any technical knowledge to set up and use our solutions. We have created a user-friendly interface that everyone can use.

Bot Human Hybrid

InDialog can forward a conversation to the right employee in your company when the Voicebot can’t answer. The perfect symphony between human and robot.


Need help? Our experts within AI and customer service are always ready to give you the support you need in our live chat – or have them train your team.

Scale when ready

You can always start with a simple solution and add more functions or expand the Voicebot to more departments to cover the entire customer journey.

Organizations report a reduction of up to 70 % in call, chat and/or email inquiries after implementing chatbots

By using’s Voicebot you can:

Take a look at how different industries use Voicebots!

Lead generation

The Voicebot engages in a dialogue with the customer from the very beginning. Artificial Intelligence evaluates how interested the customer is and turns it over to sales department when the interest is real.

Customer Service

The Voicebot (and Chat or SMSbotten) makes you available to your customers 24/7/365. Your customers can thus always get answers and help – without waiting in a telephone queue or for opening hours.

Internal support

A Support Voicebot ensures that your employees’ IT issues and questions are resolved instantly. While also releasing time and resources to your support department, giving them more time to solve complex cases.

Human Resources

Invite your employees to an interactive questionnaire through an active Voicebot or Chatbot on your intranet. Happy employees increase productivity.

Guide and help citizens

When citizens consider moving, they have a lot of questions. The bot can answer questions about what it is like to live in a specific area, what they have to remember when moving, what the schools are like in the area and so on.

Automate and optimize

Administrative tasks like booking meetings, calendar updates and support functions can be taken care of by a bot.

Helping citizens

The Voicebot works as an ordinary Citizen Service employee, who can answer the citizens’ questions around the clock – such as when their rubbish is picked up, or when the road work on their street is finished.

Ease everyday life

Since there is never a queue for the Voicebot, citizens can quickly get answers to the small questions – such as when the child should bring their gym clothes.

Lead generation

Voicebots, Chatbots and SMSbots increase customer engagement and enhance the chances of converting a visitor on your website into a lead.

Customer Service

When shopping online customers might have questions about which product is better for their situation and the bot is able to answer those questions.

Personal shopping

Based on a few questions, the Voicebot or Chatbot can help your customers to find exactly what they are looking for in your webshop.

Enhance the buyer experience

The customer can always call the Voicebot and get updates on their order. The customer has all the information at hand and after receiving the product, the SMSbot can request a review on Trustpilot.

Secure better treatment

When booking an appointment at e.g. the doctor, the bot will ask why the appointment is needed in order to send the customer to the right person.

Ask an expert

The Voicebot can act as an expert assistant. For example, the bot can help dentists by answering questions about toothbrushing, or what to do if you have broken a tooth.

Book consultations

Whether it is a consultations for the doctor, dentist or physiotherapist it is possible to book consultations through the bot.

Real life updates

The bot is able to start a dialogue with a patient. If there is an influenza pandemic at the moment the bot is able to tell the patient and ask them if they want to know more.

Customer Service

Automate a lot of your chat/phone traffic and enhance customer interactions every day. InDialog makes sure that there is the right balance between human and machine.

Book meetings

Your customers can book their next meeting with their financial adviser through the bot.

Ask an expert

The Voicebot works as a banking expert who can provide your customers with information about consumer loans, mortgages, and other services. When the customer is interested in a solution, the bot forwards them to an employee or books a meeting.

Lead generation

Voicebots, Chatbots and SMSbots increase customer engagement and enhance the chances of converting a visitor on your website or through the phone into a lead.

A personal recommendation

As a tourist it is difficult to figure out what sights to see and where to eat. Tourists can ask the Phonebot for a recommendation based after a short conversation.

Book directly

Make it possible for customers to book a tour directly through the Phonebot or Chatbot.


The Voicebot can speak more than 20 languages ​​- and is constantly learning new languages. You can adapt the Voicebot to all the nationalities you recieve calls from.

Real life updates

The bot can provide your customers with live updates. For example – how long is the queue for a specific ride? Or provide constant updates on events.

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We offer flexible prices tailored to your individual needs. We understand that each customer is different, and therefore, we customize our prices to match your specific requirements and budget. Whether you need a single service or a comprehensive solution, our team is ready to work with you to create a pricing plan that fits your needs.

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