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We need partners from every industry


Your success is our sucess. As simple is that. We want to engage with new partners from every industry because we know, this will help us improve our product.

You need more quality customers


Strong companies strive for the delivery of great customer serivce and to have customers of high quality. When becomming a partner with InDialog we guarantee you a strong customer group, a strong brand and offer you and your customers a product not seen elsewhere. Said in other words; you will deliver a quality solution that will guarantee you quality customers for life.

Who will benefit from a partnership with InDialog?


Integrate a custom-made and plug-and-play live chat application directly to your clients’ website with InDialog. As bots is becomming a bigger part of most business areas, you’ll get the opportunity to become a innovative business advisor! We guarantee a solution where your customers can sit back and not have to worry about potential poor customer service. Provide your customers with a solution that saves them precious resources while strengthening and optimizing their personal business.

Web agencies

When working with InDialog you will have the opportunity to expand your business. By using InDialog with existing clients, we guarantee that they’re provided with the best tool to engage and convert their/your site visitors to actual clients. You’ll become the front runner for one of today’s biggest ‘must-haves’ and we guarantee you a place as a digital spearhead.

SoMe specialist 

We have never met a website owner who havent been in the need of more online trafic and more customers. Apply InDialog to your existing campaigns and increase the number of actual customers. The partnership will give you the opportunity to offer your clients a special bot solution expertise designed for all industries.


As an influencer/expert, you will offer a cost-effective solution that is easy to install and beneficial to use. The collaboration makes our relationship official and along the way you’ll gain great rewards and recognition that will strengthen your personal brand. For some customers, bots, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a brand new field – guide your followers and increase your expertise and influence.

Through a partnership with InDialog, your clients, followers and marketing colleagues will promote your business and help other businesses gain even more success.