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SMSbot - prevent missed appointments

Why does your company need an SMSbot?

You probably know the feeling. You are busy trying to remember which day you have to go to the dentist and when you have to renew your passport – and sometimes you forget an appointment. That is why a reminder system like our SMSbot is an amazing tool to remind your customers or citizens of an appointment or other important information.

Send SMS reminders and avoid forgetting appointments

Several companies and public organizations rely on people to show up for appointments; everything from a cut in the hair salon, to an appointment in the citizen service center to order a new passport. When appointments are forgotten, it proves costly in both working hours and wasted resources.

We have the solution that can be utilized in many industries

The SMSbot solution is therefore an essential tool to increase the efficiency of your organization and simultaneously provide a personal and relevant service.

The SMSbot solution can be used in all customer-facing industries that are in contact with many people. Nurseries, kindergartens and schools, where joint messages must be sent out to numerous parents. Businesses such as banks, insurance companies, unemployment funds, trade unions, webshops, and kitchen manufacturers, etc., where customers must either book an appointment or be reminded of an appointment. Public institutions, where many different arrangements are coordinated with citizens concering appointments, deadlines to be met, information about medicines to be taken, etc.

Use SMSbot to optimize the customer experience

Surveys show that up to 90% of all text messages are not only read within 3 minutes of receipt, but that 98% are read before the day is over.

SMS rather than e-mail

Today, there are countless companies that market their products and services through emails. With SMSbot, you can increase the response rate and thus the interaction with your customers. An email can quickly be overlooked in the amount of other emails, while an SMS is more easily accessible and attracts easier attention.

Comply with customers through the SMSbot

With InDialog’s SMSbot, your company will be able to increase the customer experience with follow-ups, customer evaluations and general marketing via SMS.

The SMSbot solution can follow up on your customers’ buyer and user experiences as well as resolve any dissatisfactions such as returns, defective goods or other encountered problems.

Who will benefit from an SMSbot?

InDialog is a compound solution model which is made in advance. InDialog is trained and optimized with questions and answers made for your industry.

All types of industries can use InDialog’s SMSbot. Some of the industries that use SMSbots are: private companies, public institutions, e-commerce businesses, the health sector, and the banking and tourism industry.

Lead generation

The SMSbot is in a dialog with the customer right from the start. Artificial Intelligence assesses how interested the customer is and passes on the customer to the sales department when the interest is large enough.

Customer service

The SMSbot answers questions about opening hours and it can send messages such as: “We a currently experiencing an unstable internet connection in your areas,” using real-time information.


Interact with potential customers through personal conversations on the exact platform they prefer to use.

Human Resources

Invite your employees to participate in an interactive questionnaire through an active SMSbot on your intranet. Happy employees increase productivity.

Guide and help citizens

When a citizen relocates, many questions arise. The SMSbot can answer questions about what it is like to live in a specific area, what to remember when moving, how the schools are in the area, and so on.

Automate and optimize

The SMSbot can take care of administrative tasks such as booking of meetings, calendar updates, support functions and much more.

Customer service

The SMSbot can inform citizens when their trash is being picked up or when the road work on the street is finished.

Make everyday life easier

As parents, it is difficult to keep track of when the children should bring gym clothes with them – ask the SMSbot!

Lead generation

The SMSbot increases customer interaction and improves the chances of converting visitors to customers on your website.

Customer service

When your customers buy online, they do not have any sales assistant to ask for advice. Which products best suit them and their situation? The SMSbot can answer that!

Personal shopping

Based on only a few questions, the SMSbot can help your customers find exactly what they are looking for on your webshop.

Strengthen the buying experience

Send updates regarding the customer’s order in Messenger. The customer has all the information at hand and after receiving the product, the SMSbot can request a review on Trustpilot.

Secure better treatment

When the patient books an appointment to e.g. the doctor, the SMSbot can ask why the patient needs a time, and from there it can send the patient to the right professional.

Ask an expert

The SMSbot can, for example, assist dentists by answering questions about toothbrushing and what to do if one has broken a tooth.

Book consultations

Whether it is a consultation to a doctor, dentist or physiotherapist, it is possible to book the consultation through the SMSbot.

Live updates

The SMSbot can start a dialog with a patient. If there is an epidemic at the moment, the SMSbot can inform the patient and ask them if they want to know more.

Customer service

Automate most of your chat traffic and increase customer interaction every day. InDialog ensures that there is the right balance between human and robot.

Book meetings

Your customers can book their next meeting with their financial adviser through the SMSbot.

Ask an expert

The SMSbot provides your customers with information about consumer loans, mortgages and other services.

Lead generation

The SMSbot increases customer interaction and it improves the chances of converting a visitor on your website into an actual customer.

A personal recommendation

As a tourist, it can be difficult to figure out which sights to see and where to eat. The SMSbot can give tourists recommendations based on a few questions.

Book directly

Enable customers to book tours directly through the SMSbot.


Interact with potential customers through personal conversations on the platform they prefer.

Live updates

The SMSbot can provide your customers with live updates. For example, about how long the queue is for a specific ride.

The benefits of an SMSbot

  • An even better and innovative customer experience
  • Send an SMS reminder of an appointment  – e.g., the day before.
  • Prevent chances of your customers/citizens missing appointments
  • Streamline your customer service and  save time & money
  • Reduce many manual tasks
  • Make it possible to book appointments automatically via SMS
  • Let your users chat via SMS with the automatic customer service
  • Get a smart track and trace solution
  • Be able to solve potential dissatisfactions, such as returns, defect goods, etc., quickly and effectively.

How an SMSbot works

  • The SMSbot solution has the same functions as our chatbot
  • The SMSbot can send a reminder of an appointment or booking
  • All messages of the SMSbot are located in the same thread as a regular SMS conversation
  • The SMSbot can send answers after the user has spoken with the phonebot
  • The SMSbot solution is a great supplement to the other bot solutions

Behind the solutions


We have perfected the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which helps our bots analyze and understand users’ languages. NLP allows the robot to recognize and identify patterns in the language. Our NLP builds on Google’s proven NLP model.

Machine Learning

InDialog is built using the latest technology. Machine Learning is one of them. Machine Learning makes the Chatbot, Voicebot, and SMSbot better with every conversation they have. The robot analyzes the conversations and learns constantly – but never forgets.

Powerful Combination

The secret behind our industry-leading technology is that InDialog’s bots are among the few in the world that use both NLP and Machine Learning in the same solution. The combination of these powerful technologies makes our bots as accurate as possible.

Easy to Implement

You do not have to be technical to use InDialog. We offer a ready-made solution that is groundbreaking easy to implement on your website, connect to your phone, or integrate into other platforms. Reach out to our live support with questions – or let us train your team!

Machine Learning

The rapid development in our society has caused customers to expect you to be available whenever they need to speak to you. InDialog’s bots are an easy way to meet and exceed your customers’ present expectations – while preparing your business for the future.

Powerful Combination

If the customer needs to chat with a human, our bots will quickly forward the communication to the right employee, with a copy of the dialogue. Your customers will always get what they need, inquiries are executed faster, resources released and manual tasks reduced.

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