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Who we are

About Us

We develop intelligent web solutions with our customers in focus. We understand your business, customize the solution to fit your needs and help you with your digital transformation.


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We have several years of experience within our field and we are driven by making your business smarter with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) among others. Your needs are our focus and we customize the solution to fit your business. Not only do we assist you with our expertise within the newest technology, but we also understand and prepare your business for the future.

Through creative thinking and a great understanding for our customers business challenges, we use our knowledge and experiences to create an tailored intelligent solutions that solves our customers challenges.

InDialog is driven by 5 cores values:

InDialog keeps your business online 24/7/365

With InDialog you are avaliable to your customers with a simple and uncomplicated solution 24/7/365.

Our chatbot, voicebot and SMS-bot is built on the latest technology that guarantees happy customers, releases important resources and reduces your manual tasks. InDialog is built on machiene learning and natural language processing (NLP) that allows the chatbot to analyze, recognize and understand language patterns in each conversation

We promise you a simple and innovative solution that can be directly integrated to your website, Facebook Messenger, phone or many other platforms – without you having to lift a finger.

Your needs are our business foundation. Therefore, we are ready to guide you through any challenges and answer all your questions.